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Who is Dotcomvidya?

We're Dotcomvidya and we're on a mission to create 1500+ super qualified Digital Marketers in the next 6+ years

DotcomVidya is a Venture of United Infosoft India Pvt.Ltd, Being the leader in Digital Marketing Training Centers Doctomvidya holds the best and premier place in a short time. It's a Perfect Institute where you can learn Digital Marketing life skills like a pro. Connect with our industry experts faculties, and get the secret strategies,pre-designed frameworks, and Digital Marketing tools you need to grow and scale your campaigns to new heights. Nowadays Digital Marketing became a necessity for any company that wants to survive in the competitive online world. Dotcomvidya Conducting a holistic Digital Marketing Program designed to produce super qualified Digital Marketers who are ready to face industry challenges. We are having the perfect industry expert team and mentors in dealing with all digital marketing core modules like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

10X Yours Sales through our 3 Steps Digital Marketing Eco System

Digital marketing isn't a method it's a strategic approach toward finding your dream customers and turning them into loyal customers.

I Can Aspire

I Can Aspire

TOF-Top of the funnel, here is the moment at which you first catch a prospect’s attention, and start Aspiring through Lead Magnet, turn the prospect's attraction into interest and offer them your tripwire the product that Increases the Buyer list.

I Will Acquire

I Will Acquire

MOF-Middle of the funnel, this is the right opportunity to offer your core/flagship product to a customer that Increases the Buyer Cart Value.

I Want Scale

I Want Scale

BOF-Bottom of the funnel, this is Profit Maximize ocean start here to offer Bundle/Combo kit/Frequently bought together, Upsell-Cross sell products that Increase the Buyer's, Bucket List.

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Why Should Choose Us?

Join and Enjoy With Dotcomvidya Digital Marketing Learning University.

Learn Strategically

Digital Marketing is NOT a Course, it's a strategy we shaping strategically minded approach.


Learn from our Proven 3 step marketing system, how to setup-Launch and Grow your marketing campaigns.

Working on live projects

Industry Required Skill full Marketer, If you want to excel in this field, you should be master in skill, which can only be achieved if you work on live projects.

Providing 100% Job placement

With Dotcomvidya training Methodology our trainees gets immense confidence while working on live projects, We have a tie-up with many companies so as to provide a full-time job opportunity.

Why Should Choose Us?
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Meet our Trainers

Meet our panel of expert trainers, who will be your support pillars during the training. All of them have Real time industry experience in the field of digital marketing.

Santosh Jamdade

Santosh Jamdade

Founder & Chief Trainer

Digital Marketing isn't Course, it's a life skill. Learn that skill with me.

The Story of Dotcomvidya

The journey to the top is often full of obstacles and hindrances. Setbacks can often be disheartening, but perseverance is the key in every aspect of life.

Brain Behind the DotcomVidya

The founder of Dotcomvidya, Santosh Jamdade, is an Online Business Coach, Digital Marketer, and Marketing Consultant. Besides being certified by Google and Bing, he has over 10 years of experience in the field of digital marketing.

Santosh dreams of taking digital marketing to every home in India as he feels that the industry will skyrocket in the future, eventually leading to many employment and growth opportunities for everybody.

Besides providing world-class training, Santosh spends a lot of time mentoring future start-up professionals, and loves to have a cup of coffee with them in the evenings!

Dotcomvidya Awards and Achievement

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