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Digital Marketing


Digital marketing careers didn’t exist until the 1990s but have since grown exponentially in demand. If businesses wish to succeed today, they must consider digital marketing as a part of their strategy. Clearly, this means there’s a huge demand for experts who can help them manage their digital marketing and thrive in a busy online marketplace.

If you’re considering making a move into digital marketing in the future, your prospects are bright. With so much growth, this is a great industry to build a career in. Of course, we’re all looking for a career that will bring us something new each day, and digital marketing is ever-evolving, so that leaves one big factor we consider when we make a career move: money.

So, what can you expect to make in your new career? Let’s take a look at the average UK salary of some of the key digital marketing roles.



This role is one of the highest-earning in the field as SEO and SEM are crucial for all digital marketing campaigns. SEO/SEM basics are easy to grasp, but becoming an expert that can reliably get clients’ sites to rank on the first few search engine results pages (SERPs) takes time and will make you sought-after.

SEO and SEM are also high-paying roles as they are difficult to specialize in, partially because search engine algorithms constantly fluctuate. As an SEO/SEM Specialist, you may work at an SEO agency, at a digital marketing agency, or as a specialist at a large organization within their marketing department. There are also opportunities to work for yourself as a consultant in this field.

There’s a lot of earning potential in this role, but those just starting out in this role can expect to make £23,000 – £28,000 a year. With more experience under your belt in a managerial position or as a consultant, you can expect a salary of £45,000 a year or more.



This role requires an excellent knowledge of how social media reaches people and how you can curate a company’s social media content to reach its core customer base and build rapport.

SMMs typically in charge of curating and sharing relevant content, responding to comments and messages, cultivating sales and marketing leads through social platforms and managing social media partnerships.

Depending on their role within a company’s larger strategy, they may also be responsible for keeping track of analytics and reviewing their social media strategy. As an SMM, you may work at an agency, within a company’s marketing department, or freelance.

The average UK salary for a Social Media Manager is £31,945, with an entry-level salary of about £20K, reaching over £40K for experienced managers.



Content writers and copywriters are responsible for writing the content that goes on all web content, from articles to webpage copy, ads, email marketing, and social media content. This content must be SEO-friendly (so at least a basic working knowledge of SEO best practices is needed) and attract and reach the right audience.

As a content or copywriter, you may work for a single company within their marketing department, within an agency, or freelance. You may specialize in the type of content or copy you produce, and in your topic area, depending on who you work for. For example, as a content writer for an SMB (small-to-medium-sized business), you may be responsible for all their online content. If you work at an agency or for yourself, you may specialize in working solely on email marketing or only within the finance industry.

The average UK salary for content and copywriters is an average of £23,318 – £27,911. Most copywriters work for themselves when they’ve gained experience, so many see much higher salaries when they are sought-after.



A web data analyst uses data to gain insight into online customer/audience behaviour and opinion. This data is then presented to the marketing team, who use it to boost traffic and sales.

A data analyst must typically have experience working with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SharePoint, and structured query language (SQL) databases. Successful data analyst has strong communication skills, as they’ll have regular communication with their company clients.

The earning potential for this role increases considerably depending on the individual’s experience. Someone with a year of experience can expect to earn around £24,000, and salaries often reach £30-£35K after a few years, especially at larger organizations.



As a digital advertising manager, you’ll manage digital advertising campaigns, keeping an eye on ads’ ROI (return on investment) and tweaking them to get the best returns.

You may specialize in one type of ads, such as PPC ads or social media ads, or manage a wide range of ad campaigns. Digital ads are a huge part of many successful campaigns, and the worldwide ad spend is expected to reach 389 billion dollars in 2021, so there’s plenty of opportunity in this field.

Salaries for these positions vary depending on your specialization and the company you work for, but you can expect to make between £20,000 and £30,000 when you start in a digital marketing role.



A digital marketing manager’s role is to develop and complete marketing projects that align with the organization’s goals and values. Most digital marketing managers specialize in brand awareness, customer loyalty, and sales through events and campaigns.

Digital marketing managers must have a good general knowledge of all areas of digital marketing and understand how all elements contribute to a successful marketing campaign. Salaries for this role vary considerably depending on the company’s size and the individual’s experience, whether you’re managing campaigns alone or managing those who are executing the campaign. The average salary in the UK for digital marketing managers is £40,405.



When you’re well established in your digital marketing career, you may set your sights on becoming Digital Marketing Director at a larger organization. These positions are sought-after and generally the epitome of your digital marketing career.

In this position, you will be expected to fully understand all elements of digital marketing and how they propel a business forward in all areas. You will have put together many successful campaigns in your career and have experience managing others.

Salaries for this position are substantial to reflect the years of experience and success necessary to reach a director role. Salaries in the UK for a Digital Marketing Director average at £86,693, ranging from £50K to over £100K.

 As you can see, there’s a lot of earning potential in these roles, and we’ve only listed some of the jobs within Digital Marketing. Many of these roles require a strong combination of expertise in your field, excellent organization, and soft skills.

If you think this field is for you but don’t know how to get started, the London Marketing Academy may be what you’re looking for. We offer Digital Marketing courses that will give you the expertise necessary to start your digital marketing career. With our courses starting at just £350, this course is of excellent value, especially when you consider the earning potential of your new career! Click here to see the schedule of our next courses.


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